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2019/08/21 22:33 <@548244096591069214>, Stop cursing or I'm going to suck your bootyflakes!
2019/08/21 22:33 slither (also: slide): to pass or move unobtrusively or smoothly examples: "They slid through the wicket in the big gate"
2019/08/21 22:33 :cry: I don't know
2019/08/21 18:56 <@!547706854680297473>, Nurse: Doctor, there's a patient that says he's invisible. Doctor: Well, tell him I can't see him right now!
2019/08/21 18:56 57
2019/08/21 12:59 Hey <@606546145124155432>, can't you answer?
2019/08/21 12:58 GDPR, global data-privacy laws: <@606546145124155432>, please note, that we store every line you'll post here and posted here probably on By staying in this chat/discord-server, you agree to these conditions.
2019/08/21 12:58 What do you want to debug, Krusty_?
2019/08/21 12:58 <@606546145124155432>, how tall are you?
2019/08/21 08:49 [BlazyMC] ItZPvPMasterJx just left us