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I believe that all life is connected.
I believe that human consciousness is not confined to the physical being.
I believe that beauty is life displaying the essence of it’s true being.
I believe love is the act that tries to bring beauty into being.
I believe that love is the glue and the bridge.
I believe that the real heroes in life are the battlers and the givers, And those that are both are extra special.
I believe in the worth of little things -in smiles, in hugs, in laughs, in well done!, you’re good, thanks.
I believe that when I have enjoyed myself, I should tell those who have made it so.
I believe in the joy in a sparkling eye.
I believe that the whole is much bigger than the sum of the parts.
I believe in being one’s own best friend.
I believe in facing each day as new and leaving behind the troubles and mistakes of yesterday.
I believe that one of the best things I can do for others is to show them I believe in them.
I believe in helping people up.
I believe that the worth of my life will depend on how I have loved and laughed, cared and shared- and not on the length of my years or the balance in my account.
I believe that no matter what my circumstances I can succeed for success is how I face life.
I believe that if I do not give my best I cheat only myself.
I believe that fortune favors me much more when I have a go.
I believe in balance and harmony -that at some time during the day it is important to rest and be still and enjoy the moment.
I believe everyone is somebody and somebody is everyone.

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