If a Spiritual Awakening has taken place, you never have to ask, you know!



If a Spiritual Awakening has taken place, you never have to ask, you know.

The experience is deeply moving for us all. the seed is planted, and the soil is fertile for growth. Taoism says, he who knows the answer does not speak. He who speaks does not know the answer. Those who have a Spiritual Awakening don’t shout it. They live it. But you know who they are. They listen. When it is their turn to speak, the words flow out of their mouth, because not a moment has been spent planning for impact.  They are too busy listening to others. Others are precious to these people.


The Awakened Soul sees all men as brothers, all men. They are never concerned with the outer aspect, the color of a man’s skin or what he says, nor what he owns. People are no longer fat or thin, old or young, pretty or ugly, smart or stupid, rich or poor, or even clean or dirty. If you can really believe this, then you are already awakening, or within your own spiritual experience at this moment. These are not just words. Look beyond the words. This  must be a totality of attitudes. Spiritually awakened persons come in all sizes and shapes. You know them because you like to be near them. Nothing needs to be discussed, they are just nice to be near. Spiritually awakened persons  don’t complain or explain or exclaim. They never make excuses and they never maneuver. They always help, when they can, a person in more need than themselves. But if conditions are such that they cannot follow through. they never suffer from false guilt. they know intuitively that all hi;things work  together for good, and so they never question or rearrange their lives. They simply, let go and let God, in the realization that this is in harmony in right action. Spiritually Awakened persons are content. They have moved into a superior way of life and have raised their visions so that small and unimportant aggravations and irritations are really invisible.  The over picture of the Universe is always present.


Spiritually awakened persons do not  scramble for position, beg for solace, or bargain for security.  They do not try to sell others on their  own opinions  or way of life. They know that what they have taken is free for the taking, and that every human being can step on the road to liberation when they are ready. Spiritually awakened persons live lightly, simply unburned by preconceived ideas, closed mindedness, and fear. They know exactly how seriously to take life. They know where they are going and where they have been. Most important, they know where they are now. Spiritually awakened  persons do not practice the absolutes, they are the  absolutes, absolute purity, love, unselfishness, and honesty. Living is easy for them because they always know what to do. If the need for a decision arises, it is a simple matter to deal with. Never envy spiritually awakened persons. The true experience we term spiritual is not to be measured or marked. It is a private affair. Words can neither describe nor contain it. It is not bound by time or space. Spiritually Awakened persons require neither praise nor reward, approval or applause. Whether or not they are  recognized or not by other people, it does not matter. They walk quietly among us.”

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    thanks GOD BLESS YOU

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