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Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Consciousness. You are equipped with everything needed to engage the world of energy and creatively change your life. You simply need to remember how.


The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World

“Intention 1- I Support Life” I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor as if it were my own. I support life.

“Intention 2 – I Seek Truth” I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me I go to the source, I seek truth.

“Intention 3 – Set Your Course” I begin the creative process, I give direction to my life. I set my course.

“Intention 4 – Simplify” I let go so there is room for something better to come in, I intend that I am guided, guarded and protected and lined up with the Highest Good at all times. I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources. I simplify.

“Intention 5 – Stay Positive” I see good, say good and do good. I accept the gift from all of my experiecnes. I am living in grace and gratitude. I stay positive.

“Intention 6 – Synchronize” After intending and surrendering, I take action by following the opportunities that are presented to me. I am in the flow where the Great Mystery and Miracles abide, fulfilling my desires and doing what i came here to do. I synchronize.

“Intention 7 – Serve Others” I practice love in action. I always have enough to spare and enough to share. I am available to those who need it. I serve others.

“Intention 8 – Shine Your Light” I am a magnificent being, awakening to my highest potential. I express myself with Joy, smiling easily and laughing often. I shine my light.

“Intention 9 – Share Your Vision” I create my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about it. I share my vision.

“Intention 10 – Synergize” I see Humanity as One. I enjoy gathering with light -hearted people regularly. When we come together, we set the stage for the Great Oneness to reveal itself. We Synergize

From:The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World [book]
by Tony Burroughs

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